Get started with Buying bitcoin and Crypto

Get Started with Bitcoin - 3 Easy Steps

What is Bitcoin?

As time goes by, bitcoin is growing in value, popularity, and usability. Before you buy bitcoin, it’s best to take your time to understand the basics of bitcoin and other digital assets to help make decisions with confidence.

Find an Exchange

Finding the best exchange to buy bitcoin is a subjective process, based on personal needs and preferences. It depends where you are in the world, the reason you are looking to buy bitcoin and how quick you need it.

Buy Bitcoin

So you decided to buy bitcoin, great! The process of buying bitcoin still isn’t as easy as buying shoes online, but it’s definitely getting better. Here’s what you can expect when buying bitcoin and other digital assets.

The Future of Finance

Cryptocurrencies are redefining finance. In a short period, they have proven to be both innovative and disruptive, changing finance as we know it. Cryptocurrencies have soared into a $300B market grabbing the attention of many, from high school children to multinationals and institutions. What are the advantages that so many see and why are people paying so much attention?

Top exchanges to buy bitcoin 2020

Founded 2012
Coinbase is one the largest brokers in the world offering a safe way to buy, trade and store crypto.
Founded 2013
Coinmama has been active in the crypto-space since 2013, offering both basic and advanced tools to buy and/or trade bitcoin.
Founded 2007
eToro has been active in the crypto-space since 2013, offering both basic and advanced tools to buy and/or trade bitcoin.
Founded 2013
CEX.io has been active in the crypto-space since 2013, offering both basic and advanced tools to buy and/or trade bitcoin.

The Future of Finance

Software Wallets
Software wallets are installed locally on a computer or mobile device. They require basic computer knowledge to set up and offer true ownership of your private keys.
Most Secure
Hardware Wallets
Hardware wallets require you buy a physical device to insert to your computer whenever you want to access your wallet. Signatures take place on the wallet itself. This way, your keys are never exposed to hackers on the internet.
Hot Wallets
Hot wallets are similar to accessing a PayPal account. All you need is an email, password, and best to add a 2 factor authentication and you’re in.

Why Buy Bitcoin in 2021?

Before we talk about bitcoin, let’s talk about money. At its core, money is something that represents value. If I work for you, you give me money in exchange for the value I gave you. I can then use that money to get value from someone else in the future. Over the years, storing value has come in different shapes and forms, such as salt, wheat and of course gold have all been used as a medium of exchange, however in order for something to represent value, people must believe that it’s valuable, and that it will stay valuable in the future.

Up until a hundred years ago or so we always trusted in someThing to represent money.
However something happened along the way and we’ve changed our trust model from trusting someTHING to trusting in someONE.

Over time, people found it too cumbersome to walk around the world carrying bars of gold or other forms of money, so paper money was invented.

Here’s how it worked:

A bank or government would offer to take possession of your bar of gold; let’s say worth $1,000, and in return, that bank would give you receipt certificates, which we call bills, amounting to $1000. Not only were these pieces of paper much easier to carry, but you could spend a dollar on a cup of coffee and not have to cut your gold bar into a thousand pieces. If you wanted your gold back, you simply took $1000 in bills back to the bank to redeem them for the actual form of money, in this case that gold bar, whenever you needed… And so, paper money was born as an instrument of practicality and convenience.

However as time went by, and due to macroeconomic changes, this bond between the paper receipt and the gold it stands for was broken. Over time governments told their citizens that the government itself would be liable for the value of that paper money.