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Coinbase is one the largest brokers in the world offering a safe way to buy, trade and store crypto.

Coinbase Review

Coinbase, the flagship of Bitcoin brokers, is one the largest brokers in the world. Based in the US, where most of it’s served clients are from, Coinbase offers a safe way to buy, trade and store crypto.

Coinbase has both an OTC brokerage, that offers its users an instant buy with a credit or debit card for an approximate fee of 4.5%, while this is a more expensive way of buying Bitcoin, it’s also super easy to do and great for newbies. Yet if you’re looking to trade Bitcoin, Coinbase Pro is what you’re looking for. Coinbase Pro has huge liquidity amounts, one of the biggest in the market, so you won’t have any troubles buying and selling large amounts of crypto in a matter of milliseconds. You’ll also like the platform’s fees, running between 0%-0.5% which is another big advantage. 


It’s important to remember, that over the years, exchanges such as Coinbase have been hacked or closed down for regulatory reasons, so safety should be a huge concern of yours when deciding who to trust with your hard earned money. We feel confident recommending Coinbase. Since its foundation in 2012, the company has always operated by law, is fully regulated, the founder and CEO, Brian Armstrong is a public figure and speaks openly about the company which also builds trust, and at that end of the day, it’s numbers speak for themselve, as the company has served over 43 million users across 100 countrie, meaning they’re doing something right.


Methods of Payment

Credit/Debit card

Bank wires, ACH and SEPA

If you have funds in a Coinbase account, you can transfer them instantly and for free to your Coinbase Pro account.


Over the years, Coinbase has added a number of different products, from educational videos (that can earn you crypto for watching them!) to helping businesses accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. Here are some of their products that may interest you.


While we say Coinbase is a safe place to buy, sell Bitcoin and other crypto coins, we always recommend storing crypto on a hard wallet, such as Trezor or Nano Ledger, to be on the safe side. These wallets give you full control over your private keys, meaning you’re the sole owner of your coins.

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Coinbase Review Summary

Coinbase is leading Bitcoin exchange, that offers millions of users Bitcoin services. It’s safe, easy to use and is a great way to begin buying and or trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Founded: 2012

Headquarters: USA

Founders: Brian Armstrong, Fred Ehrsam

Alexa Rank: 830

Our Rating: 9 / 10

Easy to use platform
High liquidity 
Reputable and safe
Poor customer support
Long verification wait
Coinbase may track where and what you do with your purchased coins